Internship in Palestine (Learn Arabic engage in the Palestinian culture and Politics, lead some community activities and offer some educational help for Palestinians)

Internship in Palestine Program provides internationals the opportunity to live in Hebron, Palestine and intern with the Excellence Center (EC). Participants have the opportunity to learn some Arabic, gain practical experiences for their specialization, meet Palestinian people, learn more about the culture, stay with a Palestinian host family, visit different institutions, factories, refugee camps in Hebron and get know what is happening in Palestine with their own eyes.arabic-78900

The Excellence Center was founded in June 2011. Since then around 170 interns and volunteers have worked with us from different countries like the USA, Germany, United Kingdom, China, The Netherlands and Switzerland etc. We have year round international who are volunteering, interning, studying or visiting the Excellence Center.arabic-12

Excellence Center welcomes international students from all majors and nationality to apply for internship in Palestine. The internship in Palestine program is design for students who would like live in a dynamic place like Palestine to get practical experience according to their fields of interest and skills . Excellence Center issues a certificate and recommendation letter as well as credit letter for your university.1

Duration and activities:

Excellence Center accepts applications year round from applicants who can do internship with our institution for 1 month. If you wish to do an internship from 2-3 months, we will be able to serve you.

The internship in Palestine program includes four main activities which will help interns getting a life changing experience in Hebron, Palestine as follow:

Learning Palestinian Arabic (A week): The first week will be learning conversational Arabic. Interns will be provided with an Arabic intensive course for 20 hours at the Center. The Arabic course makes the experience ideal for college and university students looking for a cultural introduction to their internship in Hebron, Palestine1

Engaging Culture, politics, and site visits (1 week) : Participants will engage in some cultural activities with the host family and Excellence Center staff. Introduction to the Palestinian politics and culture will be provided for internationals as well as some lectures and discussions about the Palestinian situation. Moreover, the center will organize some visits to different sites in Hebron including factories, universities, refugee camps.1

Engaging and leading Community Development Activities (a week): Students will be given some theoretical knowledge in advance about conducting some community development activities for Hebron community. Then participants with supervision of the Excellence Center team will develop and lead some community activities according to their interests for Palestinian school students, university students or community members. E.g. if you are studying a journalism, YOU could organize a training for university or school students (around 20 participants ) to teach them how to write press release or make a short movie. The training could be organized in some Palestinian local institutions such as universities, schools, educational and cultural centers, companies etc..3

Participating in Educational Activities (a week): The last stage of the internship will include participating in different educational activities that the Center organizes for Palestinian community in the city of Hebron. Interns will organize learning , fun, games activities for Palestinian students as well as helping in the classes that the Palestinian teachers teaches. Additionally, interns will be asked to write some articles about their Palestine and their experiences.3

Participants of internship in Palestine program are provided with

– 20 hours of conversational Arabic a week.

– Accommodation with a Palestinian host family or a shred flat

– Breakfast meal (5 times a week)

– Support during their time in Palestine

– Visits to different site in the city of Hebron (refugee camps, old city, different factories)

– Engagement in educational, community social activities 

When is the Internship in Palestine takes place?  

The Excellence Center offers  internship in Palestine position year round, participant freely choose when they would like to start and end their internship.

Program’s fees:

Excellence Center charges a fee of 1250$ per month. The program fees include:  pre-departure supportaccommodationsome meals, full coordination while interning in Palestine, some visits to different sites in the city of Hebron.

Traveling to Palestine on your own?

No worries, you’ve come to the right place!

You will easily meet many Palestinian university and school students as well as community members with a variety of interests. Especially in Hebron, Palestinian people love to meet new people from different cultures and exchange ideas and experiences.

Moreover, the Excellence Center hosts many international visitors from all over the world who will be studying, volunteering, visiting or interning at center. Of course you will engage with them in some educational and community activities that the Center organizes.

Everyone at the Excellence Center – Palestinian students, international visitors and staff – are like one family and there are always activities to do together. Hebron is a good place for international visitors to stay at and offers a great social atmosphere.

Eligibility for Internship in Palestine program

Students who are between 18 – 50 years old are eligible to participate in the Internship in Palestine

The Internship Duration

Excellence Center accepts applications year round from applicants who can work with our institution for 1 to 3 months.

Which Airport Should I Start Checking for Flights to Palestine?

The easiest way to get to the Excellence Center in Hebron, Palestine is to fly to Tel Aviv Airport (Israel). It takes about two and half hours from the airport to the Excellence Center in Hebron via shared Taxi.

You can also fly to Amman, Jordan and then cross to Palestine, but it takes more time and is more expensive.


Upon your arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel, you will be granted a tourist visa valid for 90 days. There is no need to obtain a visa ahead of time.

Travelling to and from Hebron, Palestine

You may find all needed information here

Pre-departure Support 

Excellence Center will organize calls with you via Skype, write invitation letters, send travel instructions, and give you advice on different topics related to your travels

How to apply

Please send us an email to,  please mention in the subject line Internship in Palestine. We will then send you the application form.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact  at  Whatsapp:+972599479880


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Thank you very much! We would be happy to have you in Palestine