• Study Arabic in Palestine
    Studying Arabic at the Excellence Center on an individual basis
  • volunteer in Palestine, volunteer in Middle East
    English clubs at local schools in Hebron to practice conversational English
  • Visits to local factories in the city of Hebron
  • Volunteer in Hebron, Palestine in an educational Center
    Fun and educational activities for children at the Excellence Center
  • internship in the Middle East
    English course for school students to develop their grammar and speaking skills
  • Volunteer work in Palestine
    Murals - engaging Palestinian youth in art activities
  • volunteer in Palestine
    Leadership training at local schools in collaboration with INJAZ Palestine
  • Teach English, Learn Arabic in Palestine
    Fun activities for English students by an American volunteer at the Excellence Center
  • teach English in Palestine
    International interns play an important role in enhancing students' conversational skills
  • Volunteer in NGOS in Palestine
    English clubs at NGOs in the city of Hebron
  • Studying Palestinian Arabic while teaching English
  • Teach English in the Middle East
    Graduation Ceremonies for students of the Excellence Center
  • volunteer in Arab countries
    In-class-communication working with elementary school students
  • Volunteer in Palestine
    Filling in a placement test before starting English courses
  • volunteer with youth in Palestine
    Learning by doing is a methods Excellence Center uses in all English classes
  • visit Palestine
    Site trips with Excellence Center's students, international interns and volunteers
  • Group works and discussions to improve school students conversational english skills


Supporting Science In Hebron, Palestine

The Excellence Center’s team visited a scientific exhibition in the city of Hebron last week. The exhibition was called Ayam Alolum (Scientific days) and had been organised by
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Study Palestinian and Spoken Arabic

The participants of the Study Arabic program in Palestine, Kim from the Netherlands and Renee from Australia received their certificates of completion from the Excellence Center general manager
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Teaching English in Palestine

Many Palestinian university students and community members would like to develop their English speaking skills and receive an opportunity to meet and speak with internationals from all over
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