Meet Saloua from France

“My name is Saloua from France, I have a Master’s degree in Human Resources. I wanted to volunteer in a foreign country to have an international solidarity experience,
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Meet McKayla from the USA

“My name is , and I am a student at Bowling Green State University. My motivation to come to Palestine was driven by my interest in Arab culture
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Tourism in Palestine

Tourism in Palestine: Volunteering in Palestine is going to be an awesome experience. You will help locals and get to know their language, their culture, their stories, their
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Learn Arabic In Palestine

The Arab world is extremely wide: it ranges from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabic peninsula, and includes many countries, and each of these countries is different from
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Embassies and Consulates in Palestine

Embassies and Consulates in Palestine :You might want some help while you’re here in Palestine, these resources could help you get started International volunteers here at the Excellence Center
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Why I study Arabic?

Why I study Arabic : Whenever you make a new acquaintance you’re bound to get the question, what do you do? And whenever I get that question I hestitate
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