The Weather in Palestine

The Weather in Palestine: Being in the Middle East, one could be forgiven for not wanting to pack that extra jumper and warm jacket. However, depending on when
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Aprender áraba online

Aprender áraba online via Skype es ideal para las personas que desean aprender árabe y no tienen tiempo para atender clases de árabe de forma periódica. Aprender árabe
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The Nightlife in Palestine

The Nightlife in Palestine: Palestine may not have a reputation for being a party destination of the world, but for the volunteers at the Excellence Center, it does become
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Food Day in Hebron, Palestine

Food day in Hebron, Palestine is a wonderful event that helps students share their individual cuisines from home with their fellow classmates and teachers. It is one of
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Apprendre l’arabe online

Apprendre l’arabe online via Skype : Apprendre l’arabe en ligne, via Skype, est la parfaite méthode pour les personnes qui souhaitent apprendre l’arabe mais dont l’emploi du temps ne
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