• Study Arabic in Palestine
    Studying Arabic at the Excellence Center on an individual basis
  • volunteer in Palestine, volunteer in Middle East
    English clubs at local schools in Hebron to practice conversational English
  • Visits to local factories in the city of Hebron
  • Volunteer in Hebron, Palestine in an educational Center
    Fun and educational activities for children at the Excellence Center
  • internship in the Middle East
    English course for school students to develop their grammar and speaking skills
  • Volunteer work in Palestine
    Murals - engaging Palestinian youth in art activities
  • volunteer in Palestine
    Leadership training at local schools in collaboration with INJAZ Palestine
  • Teach English, Learn Arabic in Palestine
    Fun activities for English students by an American volunteer at the Excellence Center
  • teach English in Palestine
    International interns play an important role in enhancing students' conversational skills
  • Volunteer in NGOS in Palestine
    English clubs at NGOs in the city of Hebron
  • Studying Palestinian Arabic while teaching English
  • Teach English in the Middle East
    Graduation Ceremonies for students of the Excellence Center
  • volunteer in Arab countries
    In-class-communication working with elementary school students
  • Volunteer in Palestine
    Filling in a placement test before starting English courses
  • volunteer with youth in Palestine
    Learning by doing is a methods Excellence Center uses in all English classes
  • visit Palestine
    Site trips with Excellence Center's students, international interns and volunteers
  • Group works and discussions to improve school students conversational english skills


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