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Visiting Hebron’s Shuhada Street

On Sunday March 29th Excellence Center instructors Duaa Kassem and Rasha Taim along with several members of the international Arabic students from Temporary International Presence in Hebron Organization,
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Drawing a Picture of Hebron

On Thursday March 19th Excellence Center instructor Maryam Julany led her Beginner English class in another exciting lesson focusing on the subject of directions and sports. Students were
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Examining Palestinian Students’s English

On Saturday March 21st Excellence Center instructor Bassam Kawasbah, with help from Irish teaching volunteer Alison Harrington, held the final oral examination for his beginner English class. The
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Teaching English in Hebron

On Wednesday March 18th Excellence Center American teaching assistant Luke Mercurio wo is participating in the Teaching English, Speaking Arabic program in Hebron, Palestine,  led an intermediate English
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