• Volunteering at the Excellence Center is a wonderful way to bolster a resume and gain valuable work experience for the future.


60 minutes in English!

Every year, Excellence Centre organizes a program for English conversation at the Anas Ibn Malik School in Hebron called 60 minutes in English. The students have the chance
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Arabic Lessons in Palestine

There are three categories of people undertaking Arabic lessons in Palestine at The Excellence Center.  They are: Teacher Assistants; Volunteers; and Arabic students. The Teacher Assistants are international people
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Trip to the Old Town of Hebron

A Volunteer’s time in Hebron is not all work.  The staff at The Excellence Center does everything possible to ensure that each Volunteer gets to experience as much
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Meet Carys from the UK

Let’s meet Carys Morgan who is 21 years old and currently studying International Relations at the University of Portsmouth. As of September she will be in her third
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