Conversational Days

The Excellence Center strongly believes in the importance of community development activity and the positive effects in social relationships it produces in our students, international volunteers and interns, and Excellence Center staff. For the past three years the Excellence Center has effectively worked to organize events and activities which contribute to the improvement of the Hebron community members’ English skills in several aspects:c1

Conversation Day is one of our most important activities. It takes place at the Excellence Center from time to time in order to enhance and develop participants’ conversational skills in English.c3

This activity allows our English language learners to gain more fluent speaking skills, and to meet international volunteers and interns coming from all over the world to share and discuss many issues related to the volunteers’ and interns’ social and cultural backgrounds. Through concentrated work groups real opportunities exist to advance learners’ English competency levels.c2

Additionally, Conversation Day activities provide an excellent environment for volunteers and interns to directly learn Palestinian life, politics, culture, and history.c4