Why Should I Study Arabic in Palestine?

Why Should I Study Arabic in Palestine? There are many people who want to learn Arabic for many reasons. Some of them just love the language. Others might dream of getting a higher position where speaking Arabic is a requirement. Finally, there are those who need it as a requirement for their studies, especially those who study Middle Eastern studies, Islamic studies, cultural studies, Arabic literature and much more.   

ArabicThe Arabic language is, according to language experts, one of the most spoken languages within the Semitic language group, and is the fourth most popular languages spoken in the world. Statistics indicate that the Arabic language is spoken by an excess of 460 million people around the globe.

Palestine is one of the destinations that people fly to in order to learn Arabic. Learning Arabic in Palestine gives them many opportunities, including those we will outline below.  

  • An opportunity to visit Palestine

Alshuhada Street1Many international want to come to visit Palestine, either to enjoy its moderate weather during the summer or to visit the most historical places that date back thousands of years. Many also want to learn what is really going on the ground regarding the conflict and the practices of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Reasons may differ from person to another but the destination and goal is always the same.

  •  To study Arabic in Palestine with a native Arabic speaking teacher

Arabic 1The second thing attract internationals is to learn Arabic from native speakers. Native speakers help correct students if they make mistakes, teach them properly how to use Arabic vocabularies in situations they might face, and teach them the most useful and popular words and phrases.

  • To study Arabic within an Arab environment in Palestine 

Arabic for TIPH9Studying Arabic in Palestine will not only give you the opportunity to study the language but also to practice what you learn during your learning period. This simply means that you will be able to use the language to speak with locals, sellers, taxi drivers and others. This is also will help you learn the language faster than in a country that Arab and where most of the population doesn’t speak Arabic.

  • Understanding the Palestinian culture

Gathering at the Excellence CenterLearning Arabic and practice it will be an optimal way to get to know about the culture of Palestinians and interacting with them which will interpret to you their social behaviors. Knowing a language of the country that you stay in, would make your life their easier than if you do not as well as enjoying your time there.

  • Learn the Palestinian dialect

IMG_9396Many internationals want to learn the Palestinian dialect because of its rich vocabulary and many similarities with the Syrian, Lebanese, and Jordanian dialects. In addition, Palestinians through their dialects are able to speak and read formal Arabic, or Fusha.

  • Staying with a host Family in Palestine 

group-photo17There are some educational centers and institutions that offer host families to those who study Arabic while they are staying in Palestine. Being with a host family will encourage you to speak the language with the family members without hesitation. The families will help you to correct any possible mistakes. In addition, you will be able to attend many celebrations and get-togethers and get to know more about the Palestinian culture.

Therefore, make Palestine your educational destination where you learn and practice the language at the same time while exploring the Holy Land!IMG_7663