Being a Vegetarian or Vegan in Palestine: Is it Possible?

Being a Vegetarian or Vegan in Palestine: Is it Possible? If you have dietary restrictions or are a very picky-eater, traveling can pose some challenges. Depending on what part of the world you travel to, finding foods that you are able to eat may one of your top concerns. However, we don’t want this to be a concern in your decision to come to Palestine. In Palestine, there are truly options for everyone. Particularly if you are vegetarian or vegan, we want to show you just how many food options are available for you when you travel to the West Bank.

Food is central to Palestinian culture. Friends and family typically gather around the table for a shared meal and great conversation. Friendships grow in the presence of multiple cups of coffee, tea, snacks, and sweets. All this to say, food is simply adored in Palestine. But note, it is possible to eat vegetarian and vegan in Palestine. There is a wide variety of fruits and vegetables available and in some Palestinian homes that you visit, you will be served fresh cut fruits and/or vegetables. Sliced apples and oranges are common staples. You may also be served a blend of nuts and seeds or dried fruit when you visit with your host family or the homes of Palestinian friends that you make.

Breakfasts in Palestine typically include vegetarian and vegan options including, tomatoes, cucumbers, hummus, olive oil and za’atar, jam, pita bread, and tea. Falafel can also be found served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These are all filling and healthy options for the vegetarian and vegan traveling to Palestine. There are also many traditional Palestinian meals that include some combination of rice, meat, and/or vegetables. For these dishes, vegetarians and vegans can opt for no meat and enjoy the rice and vegetable combination. It may be more difficult for vegans to avoid dairy and eggs, but it is not impossible. Simply ask what the ingredients are in the food that you are served and make adjustments if the dish contains animal products. Plus, pita bread is usually served with every meal, which is a vegan and vegetarian-friendly item.

To cook on your own, you won’t have any issues finding a market that sells loads of fresh produce, legumes, rice, and grains that will fit within your dietary restrictions. Therefore, if you have concerns about dietary restrictions when coming to Palestine, you do not need to worry. We hope that in sharing some of the common vegetarian and vegan meal options in Palestine, some of your doubts were put to rest. Though pita bread is offered during most meals, people who are gluten-free can get around rather well in Palestine as well. So, to answer the question: Is it possible to be vegetarian for vegan in Palestine? The answer is yes. It is possible. Palestine has plenty of plant-based foods for you to enjoy.

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