Conversational English for Palestinians

English for palestinians

Courses at the Excellence center are comprised of regular English level classes (Beginner, intermediate and advanced), TOEFL preparation and individual classes. Additional events and activities include workshops and children’s camps.c2

The teaching curriculum is designed exclusively for the Excellence Center but is complemented by internationally accredited teaching books. It is used as a general guidance for instructors. It outlines the content and materials to be covered in each course. This ensures the continuity of classes at the Excellence Center and also the accuracy of the placement of students.c1

Each course includes 30 hours of classroom teaching and outside of classroom activities. They will cover the content designated as written in the curriculum. However, specific syllabi are the responsibilities of individual instructors, which may include materials and activities outside of the text book and the curriculum, yet all for the purpose of achieving the teaching goals stated in the curriculum.c5

This curriculum is created by the instructors of the Excellence Center, and is subject to improvement by the staff and instructors. English courses will be taught using fun and interactive teaching methods, allowing students to strengthen their previously acquired language skills and focus on using their language of study in practical situations.c4

Excellence Center uses different internationally recognized teaching books for its English courses including, face2face and Openmind. Furthermore, Excellence Center’s team and interns have developed a teaching manual which helps interns or volunteers who teach at the Excellence Center.