Palestine Volunteer Organisations

There are a number of Palestine Volunteer Organisations to choose from but one of the best is the Excellence Center located in the city of Hebron. The Excellecne Center as a Palestine Volunteer Organisation offers the international volunteer many opportunities during their stay in the country.IMG_8099

At the Excellence Center your volunteering duties will revolve around teaching English to Palestinians ranging from young children to adults. You will assist Palestinian English teachers in their classes as well as teaching classes yourself with other volunteers. In one day you will generally work from 4-8 hours with Friday and one other day of your choosing off. Amongst the different Palestine Volunteer Organisations the Excellence Center is very flexible in allowing its international volunteers the opportunity to explore and experience Palestine in addition to their volunteering.IMG_8177

As well as being an English teacher the Excellence Center also provides the international volunteer with some Arabic lessons during their time here. For 3 hours a week you will be given Arabic lessons by one of the Palestinian teachers which will be complimented by the experience and practice you receive living in  a country surrounded by Arabic speakers.IMG_4282

The Excellence Center distinguishes itself as a Palestine Volunteer Organisation by also organisng trips and excursions for its international volunteers. The Excellence Center brings the volunteers to places such as the Old City of Hebron as well as refugee camps, amongst other places. This allows the volunteers to better understand the place they are staying in, it’s history and culture.IMG_7858

During their stay here the volunteers who join this Palestine Volunteer Organisation will be provided with host families for them to live with. This is a great opportunity for volunteers because it allows them to be fully immersed in the Palestinian culture for the duration of their stay in the country.IMG_7354

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