Training Palestinian English Teachers in Hebron

Excellence Center in Hebron together with International Education And Resources Network ( iEARN-Palestine) conducted their first face-to-face BRIDGE Program workshop on 8th October, 2016 hosted by Batter Municipality and library . The workshop targeted 15 Palestinian new teachers from Hebron, north and south Hebron, Bethlehem and Jerusalem in addition to the 6 experienced participants img_1829

The Main goal of the workshop is to equip the participants with skills needed for 21 century teachers and educators such as Collaboration, communication and student- centered approach as well as new approaches of monitoring, assessment and evaluation where ICT is fully integrated with each skill. img_1838

The participants learn in the first phase of the training workshop about the global, project-based learning with iEARN and how to be involved in the ones of their interest. Some of the teachers are taking the BRIDGE online course and while others would like to get their students engaged in global, meaningful virtual exchange projects experience. img_1835

The of BUCK Institute ” Project-Based Learning Handbook for Middle and High School Teachers”, CSYN Teachers’ Guide to Online Collaboration and Global Projects, all the templates and assessment tools included in BUCK Institute PBL Guide (in print), and the iEARN Project Book for 2015-2016 are the main resources for the participants to aid them to their well planned design classes. img_1837

Two weeks later the second phase training wil be conducted for the same participants in assessment and evaluation of their student where they will be introduced to different rubrics , reflections and portfolios.  The Excellence Center and IEARN/Palestine hope to support developing and improving English language learning in Palestine at different levels.img_1825