Teaching English in Palestine

On Monday Febuary 16th Excellence Center instructor Luke Mercurio, a volunteer from America who is participating in the Teach English Speak Arabic program in the city of Hebron, Palestine, hosted the first day of his new Intermediate 1 class. The class, which includes ten students, is set to incorporate numerous activities in the coming weeks, including a number of student led presentations, special events, and field trips to local landmarks.Luke intermediate 1

On this first day of class Mercurio introduced himself before having the class do the same, and then outlined the overall goals of the course, making sure to emphasize the Center’s focus on practical conversational English. Afterwards Mercurio led the students in a short game to help familiarize the class with each other while also practicing their speaking skills.Luke intermediate 3

Finally Osama Abu Hussein paid a visit to the class to inform the students about the wealth of other opportunities available at Excellence Center. Instructor Mercurio is very excite the work with this new class and watch them improve over the coming weeks. It is sure to be a great experience for everyone involved!Luke intermediate 2