Internationals in Palestine

Of all the places in the world, why do internationals come to Palestine? Why do they volunteer in the Excellence Center and what are their motives? Internationals come to Palestine and specifically to the Excellence Center for one or many of the four main reasons. They are: to offer help by volunteering as an English teacher, to learn the Arabic language, to experience and immerse into the Arabic culture and lastly to live in a country whose history and the current situation is none like the others.IMG_1433

In the Excellence Center, there is an opportunity to teach English to students of various level of English from all age groups. Internationals often travel far from home to teach English due to their passion for spreading the knowledge to those that desperately desire it. For those that are interested in teaching and education studies, it is a great opportunity for them to learn more deeply into these subjects. And lastly, for the others, it is simply for the pure joy of giving help to the others.

Internationals also choose to come to the Excellence Center to either learn or better improve their Arabic skills. Arabic is a language that is now spoken in twenty-two different countries. It is the fifth most spoken language in the world and now, there is a great demand for speakers of Arabic in the western world where there isn’t too many of them at the moment. Foreigners, especially those who seek job opportunities in journalism, education, foreign services, trade, education, industry and much more now have a huge incentive to learn the language. And lastly, Arabic language is a gateway to understanding the Arabic and the Islamic culture.employability-skills-4

Along with the Arabic language, a lot of internationals come to Palestine to learn the Arabic culture. The Arabic culture is very much linked with its religion, Islam. It is very different from the other cultures such as the western culture and is often very misunderstood. While people have vague ideas on what it is like, one cannot truly understand a culture until he has lived and immersed himself in the culture. Living in Palestine while studying or volunteering in the Excellence Center often offers our internationals valuable learning experience and deeper understanding of the Arabic culture.img_1231

Some of our internationals in the Excellence Center choose to come here because of their great deal of interest in its history and current situation. Palestine has a history that is none like the history of other countries. Moreover, it’s current situation on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict can come across as very interesting to many foreigners. It is an occupied nation where a lot is happening. Living in Palestine can offer internationals much deeper understanding of the current situation. Despite the conflict in presence, Hebron, where the Excellence Center is located, is a perfectly safe place with welcoming people.


The true advantage of coming to the Excellence Center in Palestine is that internationals are able to achieve more than one, and often all of these four outcomes. We all come here with different motives and answers we hope to find in our journey. Some come here with the full confidence in their decision while some are still in doubt as they step foot in the Palestinian land. However, by the end of our time here in the Excellence Center, we all take away something truly valuable.palestine