How Palestinians Treat Americans

How Palestinians Treat Americans: Generally speaking, Palestinians are very welcoming to Americans as they are to most foreigners.  They will say hello and welcome you to Palestine.  Most will make you feel at home as they shake your hand and offer you coffee.  Unless you are from California, New York, or Texas; They probably will not know where your state is, but they will be hospitable just the same.

As you spend time in Palestine and get to know some locals, they will most likely invite you to their homes or along to cafes for dinner, coffee, or to smoke a hookah.  Most do not have too many opportunities to interact with Americans outside of the tourist sites, so they look forward to the chance to getting to know you.

Obviously, there are Palestinians that will gogue their prices for you as they do for all foreigners.  Whether it is a taxi ride, souvenirs, or a bottle of water; you may be charged a higher price.  While not altogether hostile, it will put a sour taste in your mouth especially if you are aware of what is happening.  It is nothing unlike what you may experience in other parts of the world, particularly around tourist attractions.

From time to time you will be Palestinians that may not be especially fond of Americans — or other foreigners for that matter.  As you walk down the street or through the market, you may be called a Jew or an Israeli and some Palestinians will make some explicit comments.  Every once in awhile after telling someone you are from the United States, you may realize their views of the U.S. can be quite negative stemming from our historical support of Israel.  

Even some Palestinians that can be otherwise friendly and welcoming to individual Americans, may express similar, negative feelings about the U.S. Government and its relation to Israel.  At the very least, It may start an uncharacteristically sour conversation.  These uncomfortable moments will usually end with them thanking you for being in Palestine, and hoping that you, ‘take what you see here home with you.’

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