Getting a Phone and Sim Card in Palestine

Getting a Phone and Sim Card in Palestine: As you travel abroad, staying connected in this everygrowing digital world will be necessary. To keep in touch with family and friends back home, phone application such as WhatsApp and Skype can be most useful. Even when in Palestine, you can communication with the locals via WhatsApp. However, keep in mind, these applications are only useful when and where wifi is available. Travelers will have access to wifi at the Excellence Center, at nearby coffee shops, and occasionally at the home of their host family. Although, because wifi access is not guaranteed everywhere you go, it is wise to consider purchasing a Sim Card in Palestine. To communicate with your new Palestinian friends and your host family, obtaining a Sim Card will be the best option.

The process for purchasing a Sim Card in Palestine is extremely simple. Plus, the perks of getting a Sim Card in Palestine include receiving a local Palestinian number and receiving free incoming calls at an affordable cost. The price for a Sim Card ranges from 10 to 20 shekels. However, sometimes you can get the Sim Card for free. Another benefit to obtaining a Palestinian Sim Card is that the phone service is prepaid, meaning there is no contract. If you use up all your minutes, it is easy to add more minutes. There are shops all around Hebron and shops walkable from the Excellence Center where travelers can purchase a Sim Card and add more minutes to their phone plan.

You will, of course, need a phone to use your new Sim Card. In Palestine, you can buy a basic cell phone for a relatively cheap price. However, many internationals swap out the Sim Card on their existing phone or they bring an old phone to place the Palestinian Sim Card into. All options will work fine – either purchasing a phone in Palestine, bringing an old one, or using your existing phone.

It is worthwhile to mention that the West Bank now has 3G mobile service. Therefore, if you wish to purchase an international data plan with your primary phone carrier, you can continue to use your standard mobile phone. However, some phone carriers charge a significant amount for international data plans, so we advise doing your research beforehand. Most of the time, purchasing a sim card in Palestine is the most cost-effective option.

We hope you have found this information useful concerning getting a phone and Sim Card in Palestine. As mentioned before, many of the Palestinian friends that you will make will also use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to communicate. However, in the case of an emergency, it is wise to have a Palestinian number to be able to call your host family, new friends, or us at the Excellence Center.