English Courses to Palestinian People

The Excellence Center offers English courses to people of all age groups and diverse educational backgrounds. The English course titled Intermediate I began on January 16, 2016 and is scheduled to run until March of 2016. Twice a week a group of 18 highly motivated and enthusiastic students gather to improve their English language skills through oral presentations, learning how to give and receive feedback, expanding their vocabulary in discussions and listening exercises, analyzing video clips, and various fun games.IMG_9436

During the last session the students will do a group project in which they will write a story together in a creative way. A piece of paper is folded into several parts and each student writes a part of the story without knowing what the other students have written in their respective sections. The piece of paper is passed around and, as everyone writes their piece, eventually a story emerges – which is funny and a game the students will greatly enjoy.  IMG_9428 IMG_9423 IMG_9417

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