Embassies and Consulates in Palestine

3246465756Embassies and Consulates in Palestine :You might want some help while you’re here in Palestine, these resources could help you get started International volunteers here at the Excellence Center may want to consult with the embassies, consulates or other diplomatic resourses from their home country for support on their trip here. You may even want to contact the embassies of nearby foreign nations if you want to travel beyond the West Bank or Israel. Most nations have an embassy in Tel Aviv and a consulate in Jerusalem and Haifa.

Embassies and consulates in Palestine will provide citizens with a variety of services. They can issue, or renew passports, and help recover lost or stolen passports. They can help you vote in your home country’s elections, and they can give you vital safety and security information on where you are going. Most embassies will let you register your trip with them and can help if any kind of problem arises with your trip. These problems could include issues entering the country, assistance if you are a victim of a crime or are arrested, and they even provide assistance to your families in the unlikley event that you die in the country.

Most consulates in Palestine can provide the same services to their citizens as the embassies do, but they can also help non-citizens aquire entry visas for travel. If you want to travel to most countires surrounding us, you should go through a consulate to aquire that visa. Even though most westerners can get an entry visa for most countries around us at the border, it is a very safe bet to get a visa before arriving at the border in the unlikley case that they do not issue visas there.