Meet Carys from the UK

Let’s meet Carys Morgan who is 21 years old and currently studying International Relations at the University of Portsmouth. As of September she will be in her third and final year of her undergraduate course and after graduation she plans on commencing a Masters degree. Her main interest area is the international politics of the Middle East.  Carys’ mother is Canadian and her father is from a small country called Wales (which many people do not know about). Her childhood was mostly spent in Italy and Spain, and then her high school years were spent living just outside of London. She can fluently speak, English, Spanish, Italian and has a strong grasp of French and she would very much like to add Arabic to her list. img_8574

Carys is taking part in the Teaching Assistant program at the Excellence Centre.  This involves assisting in any lessons and helping to increase the level of English of students. img_5567

Since I was a young girl, I was always fascinated by Palestine. When I saw the Excellence Centre’s programme online, I jumped at the opportunity to take part in it as it combined both my love for the Middle East and Palestine itself as well my passion to try and help people through education. I firmly believe that education is the most important factor, which leads to success and self-fulfillment. The opportunities, which the Excellence Centre provides to the community, can truly assist students to access opportunities which may have never been possible before. 8a165bde-eaea-4c41-ae40-4a44dc299672


I personally would want to put my current knowledge of education and the English language to good use. If I can help someone access better opportunities, even in the smallest possible way through the use of my skills, then I would not even think twice about doing it. Not only do I want to help people as much as I can, but I think the experience to teach English would also help me develop as an individual. It is a great opportunity to be able to also learn from the students. img_5531


Through my experience of living in Palestine itself, I want to be able to immerse myself completely into the culture and try and learn some Arabic. Having travelled to other various Islamic countries, I find it fascinating to be able to experience so many different cultures, which follow the same religion. Palestine is a unique country due to its history and political situation.img_8852

However, to be able to experience Palestine through its culture and people, rather than just assume what it is like in its depiction by the West, is invaluable to me and is something I know I will forever cherish. The hospitality and kindness I have received in just my first day is already unforgettable and I am eager to explore the land of Palestine and its colourful culture more. img_8859 img_9825