Am I Allowed to Study Arabic in Palestine with an Israeli Visa?

Am I allowed to study Arabic in Palestine with an Israeli visa?

Over 420 million people in the world speak Arabic making it the 6th most spoken language.  It is hardly surprising then that many internationals want to learn or improve their Arabic by living and studying in a Middle Eastern country.   In order to learn faster and practice the language daily with native speakers the best situation is to be in the Arab world practicing everything that you learn every day.img_0517

Palestine is one of the best destinations to learn Arabic as you can study either formal Arabic (Fusha) or spoken Arabic (Ameya) with qualified teachers who make your learning time enjoyable, practical and productive leading to much quicker results.

Can I study Arabic with a Palestinian visa?

Unfortunately, you cannot since Palestine is unable to provide entry visas to those who come to visit. Israeli Authorities control all the borders that lead to Palestine whether you arrive through the Jordan-Israel border or Ben-Gourion airport. At both of these entry points you will get an Israeli visa for up to 3 months.img_0511

Am I allowed to study Arabic with an Israeli visa then?

Yes, you can since it is the only way to enter Palestine as you come to Palestine through Israel. The authorities are fully aware that many internationals come to Palestine to study Arabic and thus they will give you a tourist visa for up to three months.


Will Israel deny me a visa if I study Arabic in Palestine?

No, as you are coming to study Arabic, which is obviously taught in Palestine.  The authorities will grant you a visa. However, to avoid any complications we recommend that you tell the authorities, if questioned, that while you are traveling to Palestine to Study Arabic and please also mention if you are going to visit Israel as well.  You may be asked to name a few places you want to visit, so be prepared.

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