Written and Oral Examinations to Assess Palestinian Students Development

12341144_1489588061350170_8092249105236976726_nAt the Excellence Center, Ibrahim, a Palestinian teacher  had been working for over 30 hours with Beginners Level 1 Students, improving their basic English skills. This was achieved with the assistance of Excellence Center international volunteers including Melanie from Canada and Cara from the USA.

To assist in developing the language skills of the Palestinian students Ibrahim utilised many activities. These included listening activities, group work, working students in pairs etc. to create an engaging experience. Games were also used such as ‘Who am I’ and ‘Hang-man’, in order to make the learning experience interesting. ‘WH’ and ‘Yes or No’ questions alongside the asking of basic questions regarding what students do in their lives etc. were used by Ibrahim to further help students develop basic language skills. In assessing the students’ skills and their progress, Ibrahim conducted both written and oral examinations in order to assess their development.

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