Why Palestine is a Good Place to Volunteer?

Why Palestine is a good place to volunteer? Palestine is a destination worth volunteering in. There are 262 Non-profit Organisations represented in Palestine. They are either local or international organisations and they work in fields such as medical relief, community development, agricultural relief, and human rights to name a few. This means that many foreigners come to Palestine for travel or work.  There they share a common experience of engaging with Palestinians, who are known for their generosity and hospitality.IMG_7998

Many internationals come to Palestine to volunteer in one of the local institutions in fields like education. For young people, traveling to Palestine as volunteers presents a great opportunity to live daily life as Palestinians do, travel around Palestine and Israel, as well as learn about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which has lasted for years and constitutes to be one of the most sensitive issues in the Middle East.The Wierdest Things You'll See in Palestine

Education is important to Palestinians, who believe that through education they can recover their rights and have a better future. The Excellence Center, located in Hebron, offers great opportunities for internationals to volunteer in Palestine and have a good time with a Palestinian host family.IMG_7612

The Excellence Center makes it easier for you to understand Palestinian culture, traditions, and social behavior. Not only this, but the center also provides opportunities for young people to learn English, as many Palestinians are eager to do. Many internationals come to Hebron to teach English to Palestinians as well as study Arabic with qualified local teachers.   Gathering at the Excellence Center

The center also organizes different social activities in coordination with many local Palestinian organizations which are aimed at enhancing the educational skills of the Palestinian youth, especially in English. The Volunteer in Palestine program allows volunteers to do that all: offer a great contribution to the community, visit different sites including the refugee camps, observe the conflict closely, learn Arabic and the Palestinian dialect, as well as live with a Palestinian host family.  IMG_7986

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