Why Do People Think That Palestine is Dangerous and Unsafe?

palestineWhy Do People Think That Palestine is Dangerous and Unsafe?  Many people around the world know Palestine as a place of conflict, clashes, and violence which prevents visitors from traveling safely to Palestine. You might imagine ongoing fighting, killings, and terrorist attacks and prefer to stay safe rather than risking your life in Palestine. In fact, Palestine is much different than most people imagine.

Let’s start by saying that no place on Earth is totally safe, even countries characterized by peaceful coexistence. Palestine has suffered a lot since the Arab-Israeli War of 1948 and is still facing obstacles, but despite this, Palestinians live their lives as normally as possible, doing what people all around the world do on a daily basis.Olive Harvest 1

Palestinians believe that nothing impacts their aspirations or ambitions more than choosing to enjoy every day that passes. They study, work hard, and serve their country in whatever way possible. They open their hearts to all visitors who come seeking to learn about Palestinians and their traditions, heritage, and culture.Markets in Palestine

Palestine is dangerous from some perspectives, but not from others. What you see in the media does not tell the whole story, seeing Palestine only from this small angel is not enough to picture what Palestine really is to the men and women who live there.    

Nowadays we hear about terror attacks rocking different parts of the world. Just recently attacks shook Germany, France, and Turkey. Do all of these attacks prevent people from living normally and enjoying the life? Do the attacks that targeted Paris and Nice made France an unsafe country? Does the disgraceful act of terrorism that occurred in Berlin stopped people from celebrating Christmas? If these deeds did not manage to deprive people from being what they are before, then the conflict in Palestine certainly does not affect the normal life of Palestinians or the international visitors who visited them.   IMG_7647

The number of foreigners who visit Palestine continues to increase every year. Some people confuse the security situation in Gaza with that in the West Bank. In fact not all of Palestine is Gaza and what happens in Gaza does not necessarily impact the West Bank. West Bank is much safer than Gaza, especially for international tourists.IMG_7663

There is a big number of internationals who already live in Palestine as residents where they have careers. Once you come to Palestine you will definitely change your opinion of the country, and discover that life moves at a normal and safe pace. The people are warm and welcoming, the food is cheap and delicious, and the country has a rich cultural legacy. Finally, there is no better place to understand the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as the saying goes, “reading a book might tell you the truth but traveling makes you living it.” palestine

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