Why do Internationals Continue to Travel to Palestine despite Trump’s Tumultuous Decision?

IMG_0056Why do Internationals Continue to Travel to Palestine despite Trump’s Tumultuous Decision?

When Donald Trump decided to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel many people around the world had concerns about coming to Palestine since the situation might be not stable as it was before. Some may have had doubts about their safety traveling to Palestine even before Trump’s decision and now feel even more hesitant than before.

What Makes Palestine Safe?

Palestine is like any other country in the world faces good and bad days. The fact that makes life in Palestine different is dealing with the Israeli occupation and the challenges this brings to the lives of our community. Other than this aspect, Palestinians live life normally and do their work regularly. Palestine is considered safer than any other Arab country in the region because Palestine did not experience riots like many other countries in the region during the Arab Spring.

Is Palestine Completely Safe?

There is not a single country in the world that is completely safe 100% of the time. All countries face ups and downs when it comes to safety issues. Some places seen as totally safe today may not be safe tomorrow and so on. The differentiating aspect of Palestine is the nature of living life under occupation and this makes us an even more essential place to visit. Witnessing first hand and knowing the situation on the ground in Palestine instead of just hearing the small portion the media reports on makes visiting here all the more important. Although Palestine been occupied for a long time this doesn’t make it an unfavourable destination to visitors to come and see our country that is located in the heart of the world and listen to many stories about history and current issues for our people. Even in the worst situations during the second intifada, Palestine continued to be a destination for many international visitors who came from every corner in the world.

Does Trump’s Decision Effect Life in Palestine?

No doubt that Trump’s decision made Palestinians disappointed since Jerusalem was and still is in our hearts, the capital for our state of Palestine. The religious importance of this city makes it a sensitive topic to Palestinians and is a non-negotiable issue. Trump’s decision makes Palestinians angry and thus they protested in all Palestinian cities to declare their refusal of this of this decision. Though the anger of Palestinians escalated at this decision this did not stop them from living normal everyday life.

Palestinians only wanted to show their anger and lack of acceptance for what had happened but they believe in seeking all possible avenues through the UN to revoke this decision by Trump. Just recently majority of the countries in the UN voted in favour of a resolution which named Trump’s decision as illegal and breaking with international law.

Palestinians are people who believe that nothing should stop them from living life just as others in the world are permitted to. We still have hope that one day peace will be achieved and this hope despite our occupation is a beautiful thing. Nonetheless Palestine continues to be an open and inviting place to visit and enjoy our attractions, food, culture and get to know our community.