What Ages Come to Volunteer in Palestine?

IMG_8224What Ages Come to volunteer in Palestine? At the Excellence Center we gladly welcome volunteers in Palestine from a wide range of ages, in fact we encourage it. Currently we are hosting international volunteers here in Palestine aged 20 to 70. This one of the many special things about the Excellence Center. The ages in between range through twenties and into thirties as well. We believe that hosting volunteers from so many ages adds quality and perspective to the work we do at the Excellence Center.

IMG_8305Our youngest volunteer is Ali, he is 20 years old. He is from England and is volunteering with us in our “Teach English and Learn Arabic” program. Ali is still in university studying psychology and is spending his winter holiday volunteering with us in Palestine. Ali is studying psychology and this is his first time teaching. Though the first class was quite intimidating for him he tells us that he is quickly finding his stride and each class is becoming easier and easier to teach.IMG_8087

IMG_9809Recently we have had several volunteers in their early twenties. Conner was from the United States and had recently finished university, he is 24 and was participating in our “Volunteer to Write about Palestine” program. Conner had studied Political Science with a focus on the Middle East. Conner has moved on to traveling in Egypt. Ola just left us yesterday after spending two months volunteering in our “Intern and Learn Arabic” program, she turned 22 whilst volunteering with us in Palestine. Ola just graduated from University where she studied Religious Studies and Arabic. Ola will continue to travel around the region now that she has left us here at the Excellence Center. From Germany we have Coco, she is 23 years old and is a Mid-Wife back at home. Coco knew a few words of Arabic before joining us and thus she was here in our program purely for the study of Arabic. Pauliina from Finland is 23 years old as well, is still in University and she brought us her expertise in Healthcare and Nursing.

DanVictor is a professional traveling volunteer teacher. Victor is from Belgium, is 27 and has traveled the globe teaching at schools and organizations like the Excellence Center. Victor has just left us to briefly return home before heading to India to continue teaching. Victor participated in our “Teach English and Learn Arabic” program.  Alexa is 29 years old and is volunteering with us for three months on our “Volunteer to Write about Palestine” program. Back when she was in University Alexa studied Middle East Studies and Arabic extensively. She spent time studying in the Middle East years ago but then went seven years with little exposure to and no study off the language. Before joining us Alexa had been working as a figure skating coach for several years. After her visa expires, Alexa also plans to continue traveling around the Middle East.

IMG_7675Saeedah joins us from South Africa, she is 30 years old and is a teacher by profession. She is thus spending her holiday from school back home volunteering with us here in our “Teach English and Learn Arabic” program. Maneesha is originally from India but currently lives in the United States. Maneesha is 52 and works at Apple in California. Maneesha has brought her extensive expertise in software engineering to us and our university students and we could not be more grateful for her knowledge and volunteer work.IMG_8063

As you can see our volunteers come from many different backgrounds and are of all ages (currently aged 20 to 70.) Our volunteers have varying degrees of experience with Middle Eastern culture, Arabic language and teaching—we welcome all with open arms. We know that to create a successful environment it is important that we pull our volunteers from all walks of life and experience. We know you will add to our colorful volunteer force and cannot wait to meet you!IMG_6561

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