Welcome Theresa from Germany

Theresa from Germany is currently taking part in the intensive Arabic program at the Excellence Center in Palestine. She is studying Social Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies at university and while studying Arabic is an integral part of her degree her University only offers the opportunity to learn Fusha.  Theresa a great interest to learn an Arabic dialect to be able to communicate on a more personal level.img_9700-1

She says that with the Excellence Center:

“I have the opportunity to learn the Palestinian dialect, as well as to get to know the Palestinian culture. Further I hope to get a better understanding of the current political situation of Palestine”.img_0443

Her Arabic teacher at the Excellence Center has customised the lessons to her previous knowledge, needs and Theresa’s interests. Theresa says that this:

 “  …makes the intensive program very enjoyable and keeps me motivated.
In addition the Excellence Center offers various activities to get to know Hebron and its people and culture. Staying at a host family during the program gives me an additional opportunity to engage with with the Palestinian culture as well as directly practicing my Arabic”.

img_9697-1In addition Theresa hopes that the cultural exchange allows her to get to know new point of views by exchanging and sharing experiences with the people she meets during my stay in Hebron.  Welcome Theresa.IMG_0038img_9639