Weather In Palestine

weather-in-palestine-1Traveling to any country involves knowing what kind of clothes you need to take which fit with the weather. Here we will discuss the types of clothing appropriate to the weather of Palestine in all its glorious

The location of Palestine, situated on the eastern Mediterranean coastline, and adjacent to the Sinai Peninsula and the Jordanian desert, plays an important role in the weather of Palestine. Its position is directly responsible for the enjoyable moderate and mild climate of

Winter in Palestine spans about three months duration, and the temperature sometimes does fall to zero; however, it does not usually snow in Palestine. In recent years it has snowed only twice

Summers in Palestine are hot. July and August are the hottest months in Palestine. The Temperatures may reach 30 degrees celsius (86 farenheit), and even higher some days. Although the summer is hot, the evenings are cool. Evenings are popular for going out to enjoy the cooler weather after a hot day. A sweater or light jacket may be comfortable for

The climate during the remainder of the year is mild and moderate. Rainfall in Palestine is very limited, with the rainiest months occurring from November to

Every year during April, May, and to the middle of June, Palestine faces hot, dry, sandy and dusty khamseen winds which originate in the Arabian Desert. During the winter Palestine experiences seven hours of sunshine, while there are about 13 hours of daylight during the

If you are travelling to Palestine during the summer, we recommend that you wear light clothes, and have handy a light jacket or sweater for evening. If you visit Palestine during the winter, warm clothes are really required not only outdoors, but indoors as well since heating systems are not widely used in Palestine.

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