Ways of Teaching English to Palestinians

Today the Excellence Center continued its teaching workshop with another day of seminars designed to brainstorm new in class activities and improve existing instruction methods.  As with the first day of seminars the workshop was composed of a series of presentations lead by the Center’s Manager, Rafat Shantir, which were then followed by a collective discussion on how to implement the various suggestions.  workshop 1

The major concerns of today’s lecture included such topics as the Center’s policy on international teachers and interns, as well as the composition of the Center’s oral examinations.  The latter topic was of particular importance as the Center is currently planning on revamping its oral examination question pool to better ascertain student skill levels. workshop 2

The workshop also included a long discussion on how to implement more interactive activities in classes.  New ideas included writing prompts with subjects like: “What would you do with a million dollars?”, “What are three things you like about Hebron?”, and “What three countries would you like to travel to?”  There was also a particularly interesting talk given by Center instructor Usama Abu Hussein on the importance of extracurricular activities in the education process. workshop 3

Overall it was a very productive meeting, and the Center’s staff is very optimistic about the possible changes that were generated. workshop 4

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