Volunteer Opportunities West Bank Palestine

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities in the West Bank, Palestine? Would you like to teach English and study Arabic? Then the Excellence Center might be the perfect volunteer opportunity for you in the West Bank, Palestine.unnamed (6)

Located in the city of Hebron, West Bank, Palestine the Excellence Center is an establishment that teaches the English language and allows people to come and improve and practice their English skills. Here, you have a great volunteer opportunity in the West Bank, helping to teach English to many people in Palestine. As a volunteer at the Excellence Center you will assist Palestinian teachers as well as lead classes yourself, teaching English to students who range from young children to adults. Not only does this volunteer opportunity  allow you to help people in the West Bank, Palestine, it also ensures that you meet and interact daily with a large amount of people here.IMG_8099

The Excellence Center also provides with its volunteer opportunity in the West Bank, Palestine the chance to study Arabic. You can come to study Arabic here at the Excellence Center solely as a student of Arabic or, if you come for the volunteer opportunity of an English teacher the Excellence Center also gives you 3 hours a week of Arabic. These Arabic lessons will give the volunteer the opportunity to more fully integrate themselves in life here and are complimented by the practice the volunteer gets by living and travelling in the West Bank, Palestine.IMG_6913

Beyond teaching English and learning Arabic that the Excellence Center provides those who take this volunteer opportunity in the West Bank, Palestine the volunteer will be living with a host family in Hebron which is an a great opportunity for the volunteer as living with Palestinians means that they will more fully immerse themselves in the culture and daily life in the West Bank, Palestine.