Visiting Hebron Glass factory in Hebron

The Excellence  Center sponsored field trip for its two international instructors, Muhammad Davies from Canada and Luke Mercurio from America, to the famous Hebron Glass Company.  Here the volunteers, along with some of the Center’s staff, witnessed some of the beautiful work that the glass blowers and ceramics artists of Hebron regularly produce. 10965238_633565923433279_486511777_o

The group was first informed of the ceramics process, with consisted of importing materials from abroad, preparing them, and then having them outlined by the head artist. 10960900_633566823433189_2080465791_o

After that the other artists would go to work filling in the head artist’s designs with the appropriate color schemes, after which the ceramics would be reheated to lock in their color and shape.  On the glass end, the group saw how workers shaped molten glass which was heated to over one thousand degrees in a large, traditional oven! 10969121_633566743433197_2085718093_o

Glass workers would then mold the glass with special tools while blowing down a long pole, before moving the glass to a slightly cooler (but still extremely hot!) oven to let it settle.  The results were beautiful as the group later saw in the company’s shop where many of their finished products were on display. It was an amazing trip to say the least, and it is no wonder that Hebron’s glass and ceramics artists are internationally famous!10968672_633566693433202_697269161_o