Visiting a Bedouin Camp in Hebron, Palestine

Last week, the international volunteers at the Excellence Center, along with the Excellence Center’s staff met up with Saed Center’s Palestinian volunteers and staff who try to take groups of people to see the ancient village (now a city) of Dura in the south of Hebron, Palestine. صور دورا٢

Excellence Center’s team and the Saed group went for a multi-kilometer hike through the cliffs and agriculture area between Dura and TafuH. The area we walked through has numerous clean springs. The landscape was beautiful and along the way we met farmers, and the group was very friendly and eager to talk to about Palestine and the daily life here. صور دورا ٦

One of the men among us was a poet/singer who spontaneously came up with many songs about the Palestinian people in our group along the way. The participants got to our final destination along the walk and met one of Palestine’s most famous singers, who sat with us as we shared tea and listened to the poets in our group sing songs about Palestine.صور دورا ٨

Afterwards, the group departed, and along the way we went to a Bedouin camp and talked with an older man who described to us the Bedouin lifestyle in the city of Hebron, Palestine. The Bedouin are extremely close to the earth and although they are a nomadic people, they have made good use of the mountain that they live on.صور دورا ٣

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