Visit Palestine While You Are in Israel

Visit Palestine While You Are in Israel: Many visitors who come to Israel might miss the opportunity to visit Palestine, despite the fact that Israel and Palestine are connected geographically. Travelling to Palestine is a great opportunity to visit interesting attractions, meet Palestinians, try the delicious food, and most importantly, understand the conflict and to see what is really going on, on the ground.Gathering at the Excellence Center

Travelling to Palestine from Israel is Easy and Safe

Travelling to Palestine from Israel is easy as well as convenient as cheap transportation is available with destinations throughout Palestine. In Jerusalem, there is a bus station near the Damascus Gate where buses and service taxis come and go throughout the day.

Olive Harvest 4Travelling to Palestine is totally safe since the roads that are used are used by both Palestinians and Israelis, as well as many internationals visitors who come to Israel.

Visiting Both Sides Will Enhance Your Understanding of the Conflict   

Being in Israel and Palestine will improve your understanding of the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Seeing the checkpoints, the separation wall, and the Palestinian refugees’ camps as well as meeting Palestinians and listening to their daily stories and how they fled during the war will help you better understand the impact the conflict has on average people.

Hebron city 2017Palestine is Less Expensive than Israel.  

Prices in Palestine are far cheaper than in Israel. This is in part due to the fact that the minimum wage in Palestine is 1500 NIS while in Israel is 4500 NIS. In Palestine, you can buy a falafel sandwich for 2.50 NIS while in Israel the same sandwich costs 10 NIS. Food, transportation, accommodation clothes and mostly everything (except cars) in Palestine are so much cheaper than they are in Israel.

old cityPalestine is Filled with Historical Attractions

Palestine has witnessed many civilizations, wars, cultures, and conflicts. Because of this it embraces the legacy of other civilizations. For instance, Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, Hisham’s Palace in Jericho, the Roman Theater in Sebastia-Nablus, The Oak of Mamre, and the Old City in Hebron, Mount Gerizim, Joseph’s Tomb and the Old City in Nablus, the Nativity Church in Bethlehem and many others.wall-bethlehem-3

Permission to Visit the West Bank is Included with an Israeli Visa

The Wierdest Things You'll See in PalestineIf you have an Israeli visa, you can enter both Israel and the West Bank. Palestine is an occupied country and does not have any authority to issue any kind of visa. The Israeli visa allows you to enter the West Bank. The visa given by the Israeli authorities lasts up to 3 months.  

IMG_7663Palestinians are Friendly and Warm:

Being invited for a tea, coffee, or even food by a Palestinian is totally normal. Don’t think that they want something from you or it is strange. People in Palestine is well-known of being hospitable, generous and kind to their guest.  They are raised on the philosophy of taking care of their guests.

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