Two Americans organized a Fun Day for Palestinians School Students in Hebron

Last week, the Excellence Center held an Activity Day for its English Club participants. English Club, organized by Center coordinator Yousef, meets weekly and gives community members the chance to use their English in a casual, conversational setting. Club meetings are lead by American volunteers Cara and Lauren, both of whom are participating in the Teach English Speak Arabic (TESA) internship program.IMG_0560
Activity Day is comprised of a variety of games and competitions emphasizing practical usage of the English language. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the activities as part of large and small teams, and work with one another in English. “Talking with each other and with native speakers builds their confidence. I think it’s really good for them,” commented Excellence Center coordinator Osama. IMG_0527

Activity Day participants spend the Club’s two-hour session practicing vocabulary and phrases related to competition and teamwork. Participants leave with a sense of accomplishment and pride in their language skill. Volunteer Lauren added, “Activity Day is a lot of fun for both the Club members and the coordinators. The competition adds some excitement and variety to language-learning.”IMG_0554 IMG_0539 IMG_0528