Trip to Palestine 2018

Trip to Palestine 2018: You are invited to join the Excellence Center for a Trip to Palestine 2018, Hebron, Palestine.  The Excellence Center, centrally located in Hebron, is an English language school providing the best in English language opportunities for the local population.  The Trip to Palestine program is a cultural immersion for international persons seeking an experience that  allows the participant to become a cultural ambassador for his/her home country, while experiencing and familiarizing him/herself with the daily life of Palestinians, and the region’s rich history.  The Excellence Center will provide participants with an entertaining, enriching, and dynamic stay. Please click here to watch a short video “Trip to Palestine 2015”.
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Program participants, led by Palestinian guides, will gain an authentic perspective of the West Bank. They will experience firsthand the many traditions, foods, and people of this vibrant land.  Those interested in the political situation will have the opportunity to acquire firsthand impressions of the occupation.
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Come Experience Palestinian Daily Life!

Our Goal:  By hosting people from around the world, the Excellence Center seeks to achieve a diverse cultural exchange and social dialogue in the Trip to Palestine program.  The diverse perspectives bringing us all together will enrich the participants, the program, and the Excellence Center itself.
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The Trip to Palestine will provide internationals with opportunities to:

– Live in Hebron, and visit the Old City, holy sites, and the local refugee camps

– Learn spoken Arabic from native speakers, and opportunity to communicate with local persons.

– Travel to historic locations, and nearby cities including Jericho, Ramallah, and Bethlehem.

– Live with a local Palestinian family if desired.

– Visit Palestinian universities, and local institutions and organizations specializing in culture and education.

– Eat Palestinian foods.

– Attend cultural nights featuring entertainment, activities, and sports.

– Listen to distinguished persons discuss Palestinian heritage and history.

Summer camp 8

Tentative Daily Schedule for Trip to Palestine 2018 (subject to minor change):Day 1:  Arrival. Meet Excellence Center representatives for “Meet and Greet” and an overview and discussion of the program. Meet the host families and spend the evening with them.Day 2:  Tour the Old City of Hebron. Visit the Ibrahimi Mosque, and Shuhada Street where you will meet the families who live there. Visiting them, we will gain insight into their living conditions, as well as the area’s history. Overnight in Hebron.Day 3:  Travel to Bethlehem where we will visit the Church of the Nativity and tour the city. Dinner in Bethlehem. Return to Hebron and overnight with host family.

Day 4:  Visit Al Fawar Refugee Camp which is located south of Hebron. We will meet with the refugees and talk with them about the refugees’ history.  We will return to Hebron, spending the evening in a traditional coffee shop. Overnight in Hebron with the host family.

Day 5:Today will be spent in Hebron visiting local shoe, glass, and keffiyeh (the famous Palestinian checked scarf) factories. We will also visit the beautiful Al Maskopiah Church, Russian Orthodox, which is the only Christian church in Hebron. Dinner and overnight in Hebron with host families.

Day 6:  Travel to Ramallah where we will tour the city. We will visit the city center and the tomb of Yasser Arafat, as well as the grave of Palestine’s most famous poet, Mahmoud Darwish. Dinner in Ramallah. Return to Hebron and overnight with our families there.

Day 7:  We travel to Jericho where we spend a full day, including a swim in the Dead Sea, and visiting the ancient Hisham Palace.  Lunch in the city center, and dinner in Jericho. Return to Hebron and overnight with host families.

Day 8:  Departure home

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Traveling to Palestine on your own?

No worries, you’ve come to the right place!

You will easily meet many Palestinian university and school students as well as community members with a variety of interests. Especially in Hebron, Palestinian people love to meet new people from different cultures and exchange ideas and experiences.

Moreover, the Excellence Center hosts many international visitors from all over the world who will be studying, volunteering, visiting or interning at center. Of course you will engage with them in some educational and community activities that the Center organizes.

Everyone at the Excellence Center – Palestinian students, international visitors and staff – are like one family and there are always activities to do together. Hebron is a good place for international visitors to stay at and offers a great social atmosphere.

Eligibility for Trip to Palestine 2018

People who are 18 years and older are eligible to participate in this unique Trip to Palestine experience.

Send an email requesting an application to: We will send you an application form. Please read the enclosed information and return the completed application to us at:

Trip to Palestine’s Dates

The Excellence Center will organize the Trip to Palestine From the 10th to the 18th of August 2018

Does this time suit your schedule?

If not, do not worry at all 🙂 You can join the Trip to Palestine with one or two friends anytime during the year, the Excellence Centre will organise it according to your time and availability. Please email Mr. Rafat Shantir at for further information.

Deadline to Apply

1st of June 2018 There are, however, limited places for the Trip, so applying sooner is better!

Fees and Costs

The cost for the Trip to Palestine is $550 (US).  All accommodation, food, and travelling costs within Palestine during the week are included in this fee.  Airfare to and from Palestine is the responsibility of the participant.  Participants who organize groups of three or more persons will receive a discount in his/her individual program cost.

Acceptance Confirmation

We will confirm your acceptance to participate in the Trip to Program 2018 and your selected dates via email.  Following this confirmation, we will arrange a meeting with you via Skype in order to discuss the details of your trip and travel arrangements.


Travel arrangements and accommodation within the West Bank will be scheduled and coordinated by the Excellence Center. Participants have the option of staying with a host family or in a rented apartment.

Which Airport Should I Start Checking for Flights to Palestine?

The easiest way to get to the Excellence Center in Hebron, Palestine is to fly to Tel Aviv Airport (Israel). It takes about two and half hours from the airport to the Excellence Center in Hebron via shared Taxi.

You can also fly to Amman, Jordan and then cross to Palestine, but it takes more time and is more expensive.


Upon your arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, Israel, you will be granted a tourist visa valid for 90 days. There is no need to obtain a visa ahead of time.

Travelling to and from Hebron

Upon enrollment in the Trip to Palestine program, travel instructions for travel to and from Hebron will be emailed to you.


If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact at


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Thank you very much!  We look forward to seeing you in Palestine!