Trip Around Hebron’s Industrial Quarter

The Excellence Center organized a trip for its international volunteers and participants to Royal company and Camel Sandles factory in the city of Hebron yesterday. 11070955_732627700193767_5624430233689662878_o

“Our trip around Hebron’s industrial quarter was perhaps the most promising excursions I’ve experienced so far with the Excellence center. A look at the factory of Hebron’s famous Camle Sandles and Royal complex opened our eyes to the role they play in investing in the future development of Hebron”. Sara Amin from the UK said

Camel Sandles a major exporter of leather goods, has become a major brand in Palestine, specialising specifically in their sandles of exceptional quality. The Excellence Center team was fortunate enough to see the creative process behind the sandles, which takes a team of roughly 10-15 men and a small space in a small area of Hebron.

The Royal  is a stark contrast from the humble factory of Camle Sandles. It’s more of an industrial complex than it is a factory, boasting an extensive showroom, a conference room and theatre, a medical centre for the factory workers as well as a cafeteria and barbers for their use free of charge. The company is family oriented and invests fully in the welfare of its employees with incentive programmes designed to improve the lifestyle of Hebronites within and beyond the company.

“I was pleased to see such a promising investment in the social and financial spheres here in Hebron” Katrina Rost from the USA said  IMG_9972