Traveling to West Bank, Palestine

Traveling to West Bank, Palestine: Visiting Palestine is an experience like no other. Regardless of your passions or interests, traveling to Palestine will be a life-changing experience. Palestine and its people will teach you lessons that will enable you to grow as a person and leave you with a deeper understanding of humanity.IMG_7294

Traveling to West Bank, Palestine is unlike traveling to Europe or a tropical island. The experiences you have here will help you grow in ways that can be difficult to comprehend. Living and thriving in a culture so different than your own is an exercise in acclimation. You will become practiced in recognizing social cues and cultural norms. After this experience, learning the ‘culture’ at a new job will be a piece of cake.IMG_7390

This travel to West Bank, Palestine is valuable because you are participating in a cultural exchange. As you learn about Palestinian life and culture, the Palestinians you befriend learn more about you and your country. It is this dialogue that breaks down the barriers that divide people.IMG_8090

This trip offers the opportunity to witness the incredible strength of humanity. You will see people live and thrive in the face of uncertainty and hardship. Living in Palestine shows the strength and perseverance of the human spirit. Palestinians live vibrant and beautiful lives, despite the obstacles they face.IMG_7980

When you travelto West Bank, Palestine, you will soon see that Palestinian hospitality puts ‘southern hospitality’ to shame. Walking the streets of Palestine, the one word you hear more than any other is “welcome.” Palestinians want to welcome you to their city, to their shops and to their homes. They are usually excited to meet internationals and practice their English speaking skills. Even if they speak only a few words of English, they will know “you are welcome.” Sometimes, hospitality and kindness are offered even before you ask. For instance, if you look lost or confused, many locals will ask to help, point you in the right direction, or walk you to your final destination.IMG_7074

The culture in Palestine may seem very foreign, but living here shows you the aspects of humanity that transcend cultural divides. However different a person may seem, you share far more commonalities than differences. Traveling to Palestine helps you become more cognizant of the media you consume. People in Palestine, just like everywhere else, like to joke around, relax, and spend time with their families. So often, we forget this when we are swamped by images of conflict and tension displayed on the news. When you are here, you remember that Palestinian life mostly consists of these average human moments. Sometimes the only way to actually know anything is to see it firsthand, ask questions, and listen to people’s stories. A trip to Palestine offers that invaluable opportunity.IMG_8107