Traveling from Jordan to West Bank, Palestine

Amman to PalestineTraveling from Jordan to West Bank, Palestine: First, there are two options to go to the (King Hussain Bridge) which is different from Al sheikh Hussian in the north. The first option is to take Taxi from anywhere in Amman to the Tabar bour which is the central Bus and Taxi station in Amman so that you can travel to it by shared taxi and it will cost you between 5 to 6 JD. The second one is to take any Taxi from anywhere in Amman and tell him that you would like to go to King Hussain Bridge and it will cost you between 15 to 20 JD not anymore (Do not pay more than 20 JD).

When you arrive at the boarders, there is a tourist bus which goes to the Israeli borders but before that you have to pay 10 JD to exit stamp. And of course you will pay a ticket for the bus. However, many people there speak English and they will help you.

At the Israeli borders, they will check you and may ask you many questions and may stop you for a couple of hours for checking, the most important thing is to be relaxed and not being nervous. They will ask you why you would like to go there and what you will do and so on? Just answer honestly about your journey to West Bank, Palestine e.g. tell them that you will go to Hebron and of course you will go to Israel to have vacation and visit different cities there.

After that you will get a 3 months visa. after you finish with everything at the Israeli borders, just ask for the bus which goes to Jericho (Palestinian borders) not any bus to Jerusalem or somewhere els. This bus will drop you off in Jericho and then you will see many taxies which go to different Palestinian cities around the west bank .

if you are coming to the Excellence Center,  ask the one which goes to Hebron and you will pay 50 NIS. Welcome to Palestine! Tell the driver you will go to عين سارة Ain Sara (the main street). Across from Al-Hussein Secondary School (madrasat-al-hussein Ben Ali al-thanawieh مدرسة الحسين بن علي الثانوية‫ When you are there (or in the Taxi), just call Ms. Marwa Shantir at 0598090798 (and this is another mobile phone which you can call in emergency case 0597840984) and she will come to meet and welcome you in Hebron (or ask the Taxi driver to call the number and we will tell him exactly where to drop you off), and we will be there.

Traveling from Jordan to West Bank, Palestine is significantly longer, and it involves the likelihood of lengthy delays, several hours possibly, at the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge. Once through the checkpoint find a shared or private taxi that will take you the rest of the way to Hebron direct, or via Jerusalem or Bethlehem.