Things to do in West Bank, Palestine

Things to do in West Bank, Palestine: There are many things to do in your down time while you’re in Palestine, both in the city of Hebron and in other cities. For women, you live with a host family, so you can spend time with them and even attend special events, like engagement and wedding parties, in your free time.received_909854169124853

For men, you have separate housing with other male volunteers, and you can hang out with locals and other travelers, like ordering food in and playing cards for the night, in your free time. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Every volunteer at the Excellence Center in Palestine gets Friday and one other day during the week off, so almost any kind of activity or excursion in Hebron and in other cities is entirely possible.IMG_3238

Fridays internationals like to take trips to other cities, like Jericho, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem. In Bethlehem, you can visit various religious sites like the Nativity Church, the Milk Grotto, and the Mar Saba Monastery. In villages near Bethlehem, as in you can walk there, there are places like Shepherd’s Field and Virgin Mary’s Well.IMG_1437

Internationals also visited the wall separating Bethlehem from the settlement, which was very educational and interesting. There is a lot of inspiring graffiti and stories on it that you can look at and read. On our way to Jericho, you can stop at a nature reserve and the Dead Sea. At the nature reserve, you could go hiking or you could relax in the pools. 

 At the Dead Sea, you can float around in the water and spread mineral-rich mud on your skin. In Jericho, there are many hiking and walking opportunities for you to visit the many religious and historical sites. In Jerusalem, there are a lot of religious sites that are beautiful, but there are also a lot more security measures, so keep that in mind. Also, on Friday, the Al-Aqsa Mosque is closed off completely to non-Muslims, if you want to visit this place, go on another day.wall-bethlehem-3

If you do not travel on Friday, we would recommend spending the day with your host family instead of touring around the city. Since Friday is a religious holiday, most shops are closed and not many people are out, so it’s not much to do. Some internationals like to visit other places in Palestine. Bottom line there is plenty things to see and do in the West Bank,  Hebron and Palestine, with the other internationals and your host family.

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