The Pace of Life in Palestine

The Pace of Life in Palestine: The world is a massive and beautiful place to explore. Every crevice, every corner, and every culture offers something new to appreciate. We find that discovering the cultural values of a new place can be one of the most education and exciting aspects of travel. It is fascinating to learn about how life is lived from one part of the world to another, isn’t it? Seeing the pace of life, the culture, and the values of a new area is a rich learning experience. When you visit Palestine, you will experience for yourself how different the Palestinian way of life may be compared to your home country. To give you a taste of what to expect, we want to share with you some things you will quickly notice about life in Palestine. There are a host of aspects to discover, but here are just a few.

Palestinians appreciate relationships. Bonds between friends and family members are very strong – more so than perhaps the culture you were brought up in. Everyone knows everyone in Palestine, or at least is connected through a friend of a friend’s sister’s cousin. The connections may be distant, but if there is one to be found, Palestinians will find it. Knowing the emphasis Palestinians place on relationships, you can be certain to engage in conversations with many locals while in Palestine. This is not out of the ordinary. It is very typical given the friendly nature of Palestinians and the value that is placed on people.

Whether you are eating at a restaurant, shopping at the market, or stopping into a shop to purchase snacks, you are sure to be welcomed warmly. In addition, you are likely to be asked where you are from, what you are doing in Palestine, and how long you are staying. These questions come from a place of sincere curiosity, especially as Hebron does not see many foreigners. Depending on your home culture, being stopped and asked to engage in a dialogue or exchange news may be viewed as an interruption. But here, the pace of life is slower and more relaxed. In Palestine, time is fluid and people are worth stopping for.

The manner in which Palestinians deeply value relationships carries over to the workplace as well. Unlike the professional world in New York or London that is fast-paced and embodies constant stress and pressure, the Palestinian approach to work is far more peaceful. Of course, Palestinians are motivated to work hard, but in between working hard there is room to chat with co-workers, pause to enjoy a cup of coffee, or take a break and gather around the table for a shared meal.

As you travel and meet people from other cultures, you will notice how differently people live. Each culture offers beautiful aspects that are worth learning about. In Palestine, travelers will find friendly faces, a culture built on close-knit relationships, and a simple, relaxed pace of everyday life and work life. We look forward to your visit to Palestine so you can experience this lifestyle for yourself.