Teaching Palestinian Students English

On Sunday May 3rd, Excellence Center Palestinian teacher Salam Amro and teaching Canadian volunteer Sila Unver who is participating in the volunteer in Palestine program,  hosted a Beginner’s class with a dozen Palestinian students.دوره سلام ٢

Palestinian Students were encouraged to use their grammatical and vocabulary knowledge in two group activities. First, the teaching volunteer tested the vocabulary knowledge of the students with the ‘hangman’ game. Students had to guess the word on the board, illustrated by several lines corresponding to each of its letters, by guessing each of the letters. دوره سلام ٤

New words like government and environment have been added to their word bank. Moreover, grammatical and syntax skills were put to the test when students had to describe different pictures in complete sentences. For example, students had to explain every action, person and items of the picture.دوره سلام ٣

These activities were highly successful because they revised their knowledge and because students were motivated by working in groups. دوره سلام