Teaching English in Taffouh, Hebron

IMG_3019The Excellence Center in Palestine is now collaborating with the al Massar center in Taffouh to create an English Club for youth living in the Palestinian village. After school, children and teens interested in learning English outside of their normal education can come to the al Masar center, which has a stunning view overlooking the Hebron municipality. At the center, volunteers from the Excellence Center work with a teacher from Taffouh to develop local children’s conversational and listening skills, as well as covering key vocabulary from all aspects of normal life.IMG_3041

Lessons tend to run around two hours, with extra time allotted if possible. Sharon and Khabir from the USA, 2 volunteers from the Excellence Center, join Shaima, from al-Massar. Together, they work with approximately twenty students on topics including, but not limited to, family, weather and pronoun use. Student ages range from around 10 years old, to 18 years old. The number of teachers allows for accommodation of different levels of English, from basic to advanced, while still teaching the same topic. To get to Taffouh, the volunteers walk from the center in Hebron to the taxi station at a nearby mall, from which they take a shared taxi. The ride is extremely scenic, with winding roads and an overview of Taffouh’s quarries.IMG_3051

“It is my favorite place that I go to”, said Sharon from the USA. “It is a very lovely village. The students are anxious to learn and very engaged. It seems like the age range and English level is very broad in the class, but we have an excellent Arabic teacher, Shayma, who is always there to help us. The students always pay really good attention and never get out of hand. They pick up pretty quick on things and remember what we talked about previously.” The teachers and students enjoy a phenomenal working relationshipIMG_3043