Teach English at the Community’s Educational Center in Hebron

Taffouh5Escorted by members of the Excellence Center, two international volunteers took a short trip to Tafooh, a village located at a short distance from Hebron, in order to teach English at the community’s educational center. The class consisted of around 25 Palestinian students from the local area, at varying levels of progress with the English language, so it was interesting to see how easily adaptable the lesson plan could be for the students.Taffouh3

Jan delaeter who is from Belgium and participating in the teach English Speak Arabic program 2015, had prepared a listening exercise followed by a group activity for the students to follow. They were first asked to answer questions based on video Jan had prepared them to watch, about a man whose job it is to taste chocolate for a living. “It was designed not only to test their listening skills, but their ability to piece together information in order to formulate their own answers.” Jan Delaeter from Belgium said: Taffouh2

The exercise was followed by a group activity that required the children to discuss what the most important thing is about having a job, and what their prospects for the future were. “This exercise in particular really struck me as something that will hopefully make a real difference to the kind of paths each of these students will take. It will have given them some perspective regarding the kind of benefits they can reap from having a job besides wealth, and encourage them to be ambitious and venture for whatever they hope will make them happy”. Sara Amin who is the UK and participating in the Volunteer in Palestine Program 2015 commented:Taffouh6 Taffouh4