Why Should You Study Arabic in Palestine in Summer 2018

Why Should You Study Arabic in Palestine in summer 2018: Learning a new language can be as daunting as it is rewarding. It can open up a wealth of new possibilities and potential experiences. You can immerse yourself in new cultures and peoples in new and profound ways. But online and mobile applications can often only offer so much as rudimentary grammar and basic words and phrases. Professional classes can offer a greater depth but are still limited in your ability to practice and use your new language skills.  

Studying Arabic in Palestine in summer 2018 with the Excellence Centre will not just provide you with the opportunity to learn a new language from trained and talented teachers but will also provide you with endless opportunities to use your new knowledge.

Day to day, you will have endless opportunities to use your skills and teachings in practical ways. Language theory can only achieve so much. Practical experience is important to further hone and develop your skills and knowledge. Options to engage in basic conversation or rudimentary exchanges such as food or taxi transactions are abounding for anyone wishing to come Palestine to study. The people are all too willing to engage with internationals regardless of their knowledge of Arabic, and will happily provide helpful feedback and practical tips. Practical experience can help you hone your skills in line with how the language is actually used in a real-life environment, not based on the instructions of a textbook.

At the center, you will also be able to engage with the children of Hebron, who come each day to the center to better their English skills. The children, who age range from prepubescence to late teens, participate in classes and structured groups organized by staff at the center, as well as foreign volunteers.

Studying Arabic in Summer 2018 at the Excellence Centre, if you so choose, will allow you to engage with the preparation and running of children’s classes. You will be able to further your Arabic skills in an environment of shared learning. You will aid in the preparation of classes in a mixed language environment. The children are extremely welcoming of new volunteers and will happily engage with you in either English or Arabic.

A rewarding experience in of itself, engaging with the children of the Excellence Centre will widen your cultural understanding and language abilities in an engaging and structured environment. All the while, you will be aided by a staff of professionally and motivated teachers. They will provide you with informative and practical language skills including foundations in language, grammar, and conversational phrases through to more complex, intermediate studies.

Studying Arabic in Palestine in summer 2018 at the Excellence Centre in Palestine is a chance to develop skills in a new language against the backdrop of genuine cultural and community engagement. You will not just strengthen your language skills but widen your cultural understanding.