South African and Palestinian Food

Last week, there was a very successful food day with the excitable and enthusiastic English Club. The club, which has been meeting for about two months now has developed a collegial atmosphere and the twenty students, who are between the ages of 11 and 16, have come very close, laughing and joking among themselves constantly. The club was led by Youssef with the help of Melanie from Canada and Nazeer from South Africa.12400641_778629958926874_2746464997718847558_n

To start, Nazeer from South Africa and who is participating in the Volunteer program in Palestine,  gave a presentation about the many different foods of South Africa, which are influenced by the colonial, African and Indian heritages that mix in that large nation.

After that, two students presented about the foods they had prepared, one about cupcakes and muffins and one about Musakhan, a traditional Palestinian dish. The spread for the food day, to which Melanie and a German guest contributed with a traditional German dish, was enormous and varied. 10418470_778629848926885_5102365743667310557_n

About 15 students brought food, which varied from Maqluba to brownies to delicious Arabic-style desserts, making Nazeer comment wistfully, “can every day be food day?…” Once everyone was full, one of the students entertained the crowd with a beautiful song. In all, it was a memorable day with a lovely group of talented and intelligent young people


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