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onlineresourcesSome Online Resources on Palestine and Hebron: There is a lot of information available online on Palestine, such is the attention this part of the world receives. Many travellers have posted their thoughts, as have journalists, academics and anyone with a passing interest. Below, I have listed a few sources to help you get to know Hebron in particular, but Palestine as well, so as to help you sift through all the information.

For news, the below sources are good ways to monitor the situation in Hebron and Palestine. However, please note, as with all news, they can give a portrayal of Hebron and Palestine as some wild-west region populated by crazies of every kind. As every volunteer will tell you though, this is simply not the case (but you should always take care). Still, these are good sources to check out what is going in around Palestine, and in Hebron, and are good to do so while in country so as to keep an eye on what is happening in the region..

The Ma’an News Agency, available here, is generally very quick to update its site on the happenings in Palestine and Hebron, however it does tend to have a singular focus on only security related events. Another good news source is the Palestinian News Network, available at, and the Palestine Chronicle, at For a slightly different angle, visit, the Palestine Economy Portal. This service provides some articles on the economy of Palestine, giving an insight into areas such as the agricultural industry in the region which is, away from the cities, the primary way many Palestinians make a living.

For what to see and do in Palestine, there is first of all The Official Tourism Site of Palestine – – which gives a pretty good general introduction. For a bit more information, head over to Go Palestine, at and

For those that want to see and feel the religious nature of the Holy Land, check out at While focusing on holy and religious sites, this site also has lots of information on other cultural and historical sites, and comes with many photos. Given that Jerusalem is not far and a possible day trip for volunteers at the Center, check out the Official Jerusalem Travel Site at

There are of course many more, but if you’re interested in some sources provided by Palestinians then these are definitely worth a look. Blogs are another good source, but again, there are so many from activists and academics of all ideological and political persuasions. The important part when learning about Palestine, especially in regards to news services, to remember that it is never as bad as it seems – while things can get bad, Palestine still nevertheless beats to a rhythm full of life, hope and hospitality worlds away from the media and activist narratives we are often flooded with. Of course, the land has its challenges, some quite extreme, but this should be seen as cause to ensure a nuanced view becomes your objective.

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