Series of Presentations in English

On Sunday March 1st Excellence Center instructor Miriam Julany’s Beginner English class gave a series of presentations on a varied number of topics. For the first topic student Saja Abu Rayn gave a presentation on illegal drugs, focusing on the numerous detrimental effects of using such substances while also including a number of visual aids to help students identify the substances and their side effects.10537291_1402004210108556_7324561393233423820_o

Next, student Muhammad Doufish gave a presentation on Shuhada Street, outlining the various challenges the area faces thanks to the military occupation while also offering some history and visual aids. Finally the class saw a presentation from Ahmad Sayari and Noor Al Madhun who gave the class ten useful health tips, all designed to help the students live better, more fulfilling lives.10539257_1396446420668570_3265389800930857544_o

Overall it was a very informative and creative series of presentations, all the more impressive for the ways in which the students actively utilized the English skills they have learned at the Center to convey the information10450289_1397150997264779_8617113371080786191_o