Practicing English With Native Speakers

On Wednesday Febuary 11th Excellence Center instructor Ibrahim Zahdah led a Starter English class of about 18 students with the help of Canadian instructor Muhammad Davies who is participating in the Teach English, Speak Arabic program in Hebron, Palestine. The class was relatively new and so the day’s lessons largely focused on simple speaking and making correct introductions in Englis

ابراهيم زاهده ٢h.

The addition of Davies, a native speaker, made the lesson even more effective by giving the students an opportunity to listen to him and Ibrahim have a fluid conversation in English, all while acclimating themselves to his accent.ابراهيم زاهده ٣

After listening to Davies and instructor Ibrahim the students then practiced having their own conversations in English, speaking about their interests, families, and future travel plans. As always the focus on was on practical English conversation skills, and so the lesson was a huge success!     ابراهيم زاهده ١

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