Placement Exams for Palestinian Students

صور امتحانات ٢Over the last three days, Sila from Canada and Conor from the USA who are participating in the volunteer in Palestine program, have provided placement exams for students working with the Excellence Center. There are seven levels of English instruction at the Excellence Center, and these exams help to determine which level is appropriate for a given student.صور امتحانات ٥

There have been about forty students coming in for placement exams over the last few days. Some of the questions on the placement exam include simple questions that ask for basic information from the student. These questions include questions such as “What’s your name?”, “How old are you?”, “Which city do you live in?”, “Please describe your family to me.”, “What’s your favorite food?”, and “What’s your favorite city?”, as well as many more. More complex questions are asked, such as “What are your hobbies?”, “What do you do in your free time?”, “What are your plans for the future?”, “Why do you study English?”, and “If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?”.صور امتحانات ٣

The placement exams are important to assess students’ abilities in recognizing spoken English words and understanding the meaning of the question, as well as their ability to respond correctly with a meaningful sentence that accurately answers the question. The volunteers assist the Excellence Center staff in determining which level of English instruction is appropriate for the student’s displayed ability in the English language.
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