Palestinian Students Take Oral Exams

Last week, the Excellence Center conducted midterm oral exams with its Starter and Intermediate I classes. The exams were directed by Intermediate I teacher Melanie from Canada, who is participating in the Teach English Speak Arabic internship program, and Starter teacher Maryam, with the help of American volunteer Haneen.IMG_9306

The Starter exam tested students’ comprehension of greetings, introductions, and basic sentences. Teacher Maryam said “Every student was really good. They knew a lot of words; they could introduce themselves.” The Intermediate I exam was a bit more rigorous. Students were asked a variety of questions about their family, cities, hobbies, and the weather, and were then prompted to further expand on their answers.IMG_9298

The exams required students to engage their speaking skills in an impromptu setting, as they would in a conversation with a native speaker in an English-speaking country. The teachers and volunteers then provided valuable feedback that students could use to improve their English.Alaa1

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