Introducing Palestinian Food in English

On Saturday Febuary 28th Excellence Center instructor Ibrahim Abu Eishah led his beginner level English students in the Center’s ever popular Food Day. The event began with all of the students gathering to display their contributions, with some students having come to the Center early specifically to cook homemade dishes. After that, each student took time to explain their recipe to the group in English, going through the steps one by one while identifying the various ingredients. Finally, the whole class gathered to dig in, absolutely demolishing the succulent dishes they had prepared.Food Day at Ibahim

Food Day is always extremely popular with the students, and part of what makes it such a great event is the way in which it keeps students engaged with the material by having them utilize their knowledge in a real world situation— in this case cooking and recipe writing. Because of this Food Day is a great example of the Excellence Center’s ‘learning by doing’ teaching philosophy in action, as students are encouraged not merely to memorize vocabulary, but rather to harness their knowledge for practical, real world uses. Thank you to all the students who participated and to instructor Ibrahim for his excellence class!

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