Palestinian and International Cities

Last week, the topic of English club at the Excellence Center was cities. Monica from the USA did a presentation about the city of Buxton in Outer Banks North Carolina, and Melanie from Canada presented about her hometown of Saskatoon on the prairies of Saskatchewan. The about 20 students in attendance were encouraged to ask questions based on the content of the presentations and a lively discussion ensued.IMG_7335

Many of the students had prepared presentations about cities in Palestine, which they then also presented to the class and asked questions about. The presentations were well prepared and discussed many of the aspects of Palestine’s history and the current occupation.IMG_7341

Finally, the students worked in groups and were asked to imagine their ideal city describing aspects like lifestyle, culture, urban planning and government. They then presented their creative ideas that ranged from an isolated tropical island without government, to an agrarian settlement with traditional values, to a society where no children are allowed. “I love working with this group of students,” said Melanie. “They are always so engaged and participate so well in the activities. It’s a very bright group!”IMG_7328IMG_7340

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