What to Pack for a Winter in Palestine

What to Pack for a Winter in Palestine: If you are preparing to come to Palestine in the winter, you first have to know that it gets quite cold here. That said, there are a few items that you won’t want to forget. In the winter months, the average temperatures in Palestine range from 10-15°C. In January, the temperature can reach as low as 5°C. These months are also known to see the most rainfall. As for snow, Palestine receives very little snowfall. However, during your winter trip to Palestine you may be lucky enough to see Palestine frosted in white.

While Palestine is not as cold as other parts of the world and perhaps not as cold as the country you are from, you will still need to pack warm clothing for your trip. 10-15°C may not seem chilly to what you are used to, but since the indoor heating system in Palestine may be different compared to what you are used to, Palestine can feel much colder. If you are a female traveling to Palestine to join us at the Excellence Center, you will be placed with a host family. The home that you will stay in will likely have a heater that the family hovers around in the winter to keep warm. Since it is cold indoors as well, packing many layers will be necessary. During your winter trip, you may find that you hardly ever take off your jacket, even while inside. It gets this cold.

A heavy coat, a rain jacket, and a comfortable pair of boots are among the most important items to remember to pack when coming to Palestine in the winter. Also, sweaters, fleece jackets, and thick socks are items that you should have in your suitcase. You may even wish to pack several accessories to keep warm, including scarves, gloves, hats, and an umbrella. Because Hebron is a conservative city, female travelers will need to wear long pants and long sleeves. Thankfully, this is no problem to comply with in the winter as you will want to wear long pants and long sleeves to stay warm.In addition to packing layers of clothing, travelers will also want to bring their laptop, a book, a camera, adapters to charge your electronics, toiletries and any necessary mediations. Because the cold weather may dry out your skin, bringing chapstick or lotion is another good idea.

Winters in Palestine may be cold, but they are filled with copious amounts of hot tea, Arabic coffee, and warm foods. These hot drink and foods will help to warm you up during your winter trip to Palestine. While the winter months are known to be wet and cold in Palestine, do not let that deter you from joining us at the Excellence Center in the winter. It can be a wonderful time to experience the beauty of this land and its people. As long as you remember to pack plenty of layers, scarves, and jackets, you will have a very pleasant time during your winter trip to Palestine.