Opportunity for Young Palestinians to Improve their Entrepreneurship Skills

On Wednesday twenty five Palestinian students aged between sixteen and twenty attended an entrepreneurship workshop run by the Excellence Centre in co-operation with Injaz Palestine. The workshop provided an opportunity for young Palestinians to improve their entrepreneurship skills. The aim of the workshop was to encourage young people to start their own companies and provide then with the skills required to achieve this.Injaz 3

The workshop engaged the students through the use of non-traditional teaching techniques. This saw the students working as groups to practice  setting up a company; discussing the methods that can be used and how to overcome any problems or difficulties that may arise when starting your own company.Injaz 1

The groups shared their work by presenting their thoughts to the rest of the group.The methods used during the workshop were designed to increase the confidence of those involved and encourage and inspire the next generation of business owners by honing their business and entrepreneurial spiritInjaz5Injaz4

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