New English Club for Palestinian School Students

NECOn October 31 the Excellence Center began recruitment for the next English Club class to begin soon. The English Club is an English program offered for students aged 15-17 with exceptional English skills and a passion to further improve their skills.

This class is offered free of charge for local students as part of the Excellence Center’s commitment to social responsibility.   In order to select the top students for the program,  volunteers Monica from America and Jan from Belgium both English teachers in the Teach English Study Arabic program, gave around 30 students a written and oral examination.NEC4

About the oral examination, volunteer Monica said that she enjoyed asking the students questions about themselves, why they want to learn English, and their future plans. “They all have such big dreams to travel the world and become doctors and engineers, and help others. I am happy that I can help them in pursuing their goals. And I am really looking forward to teaching them in the upcoming English Club class.”NEC2

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